SAHARA GLASS PARK 〜Theme park of the glass
You can observe the glass production work using the glassblowing techniques in the glass studio. Look at the world of the glass art that the skill of the produces by glassblowing craftmans.
In addition, the glass production experience using the technique of the "glassblowing glass" "hand gravure" "dragonfly ball" reaches, too. Because they instructs it, children or kids can participate. Please experience it in memorial of a visit or in the theme of the free study.
In the huge shop, there are pretty fairy tale-like accessories and art glasses having both dignity and elegance. We display the glassware more than 100,000 points which we choose not only in Japan but also all over the world, and was able to be muddy and sell it.
In addition, we sell the original glass only for you who received the name and a family coat of arms and a logo or the original product which is full of the ideas that you can purchase only in Sahara glass park.
In the restaurant which is 250 seats makes stained glass on windows, you can eat for an elegant feeling in colorful light. From a coffee shop and a light meal menu to the set meal using local ingredients, even a couple or the family can relax. We accept the reservation of a lunch for group.
The menu which we was particular about is provided by organic vegetables and healthy and safe ingredients with a few chemical additives.There is the menu that the takeout of ten several kinds including a popular gelato is possible.
We handle various life miscellaneous goods in the bright shop fitted with glass and we introduce preserved flower which can enjoy flower arrangement beautifully for a long term. The rose of an adjacent garden invites you.
The access method to Sahara glass park !
Sahara glass park is located in the picturesque scenery Genbikei of Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate.
A lot of tourist attraction and hot springs including Genbikei exist in the outskirts, in particular there is it to the distance for around ten minutes by car in capital "Hiraizumi" of Oshu Fujiwara.

Dear Ms. the visitor by car:

Tohoku Expressway → Get off in Ichinoseki Inter-Change → Go to the west on Route 342 → Left turn tne signal of Ichinosekishi Museum → Look at the right side

Dear Ms. the visitor by Tohoku Shinkansen, Tohoku Main Line, Ofunato Line:

Dear Ms. the visitor of the bus use:
Get off west exit of Ichinoseki Station → Ride the bus to the Genbikei area or Sukawa area → Arrive in around 20 minutes

Dear Ms. the visitor of the taxi use:
Get off west exit of Ichinoseki Station → Ride the taxi to Sahara glass park → Arrive in around 15 minutes

Sahara glass park
263-1 Takinoue aza Genbi-cho, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate
TEL 0191-29-2288
FAX 0191-29-2888
from 9:00 to 18:00 for business hours
(as for from December to March until 17:00)
Always without holiday
(except year-end 12/27 - 31)
(closed on email reception desk center - Saturday,
Sunday, and holiday)


World heritage(Hiraizumi)